How to Build a Million Dollar Social Media Business

The views expressed by the contributing Entrepreneurs are their own. Whenever I talk to entrepreneurs and brands, they always seem to complain about the lack of reliable and skilled social media managers. A quick look at your social media feed will show you how even 8 and 9 figure companies are missing out when it … Read more

Inside Beauty’s Biggest Disruptor | Case study

In 2004, the idea of ​​selling $1 lipstick online was radical. But months after its founding, Elf was changing the way consumers thought about beauty by doing just that. Co-founders Joey and Alan Shamah’s proposition to make affordable but quality makeup for every eye, lip and face – elf – paid off. Shoppers realized they … Read more

4 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Following in 2023

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How to leverage trending sounds to go viral on social media

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TikTok video goes viral after ‘Surprise Me’ trend goes viral

When coffee critic Kristen Alk ordered into her local Starbucks drive-thru, she did what so many TikTokers have done in recent months — she ordered a surprise drink. The idea behind the #surprisemedrink trend is to give the barista a chance to get creative and offer an off-menu, hand-picked concoction of their own making. Previous … Read more

This social media platform is used for three times more child abuse image offenses than any other

Snapchat is responsible for three times more child abuse offenses than any other social media platform, fueling a record rise in crime, according to police figures. The total number of child abuse offenses recorded by the police rose by 22 per cent in a year to 30,925 in 2022, according to figures obtained by the … Read more

MetaX wants its name back and is suing Facebook to get it

Justin “JB” Bolognino, founder of MetaX LLC, a virtual reality business, was in Las Vegas when he found out Facebook was changing the name of his parent company to Meta Platforms. “My phone was just blowing up with texts, people were like, ‘Oh my god. What the hell; What the hell; What the hell?” said … Read more

Tubi’s Super Bowl ad had everyone screaming at the TV

While hundreds of millions of people likely watched the Super Bowl this year, it’s not clear exactly how many times viewers changed the channel — but there was one commercial that made everyone think they did. Streaming service Tubi aired a Super Bowl LVII ad that resembled Fox’s broadcast, with commentators Kevin Burkhardt and Greg … Read more

Why small businesses need to work twice as hard to crush it on social media

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How to create a radically authentic personal brand

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