Yoko Taro’s new game turns Sega Classics into Waifus

Taro is heavy on the brain.Image: Sega / Kotaku Today, Sega revealed the trailer for its new mobile gaming partnership with Nier and Drakengard creator of the Yoko Taro series. As is tradition for any Taro collaboration, this game’s elevator pitch has the weird twists that only Taro’s mind can devise: a gacha game that … Read more

Square Enix Releases Chocobo GP Version 1.4.1, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

Image: Square Enix Square Enix has released another update for Chocobo GP that is exclusive to the Switch. This is the first update of 2023, bringing the title up to version 1.4.1. This patch contains several fixes. Here’s the full summary from Square Enix’s support page: Chocobo GP – Version 1.4.1 (February 1, 2023) Thank … Read more

The insane actress doesn’t mind the memes for the game’s dialogue

And a very happy Black History Month to you, Sista Balinska. Image: Square Enix / Kotaku / Mike Marsland (Getty Images) Square Enix’s new parkour fantasy game Prohibited had a bit of a rocky launch in terms of audience perception among gamers, who found Joss Whedon’s dialogue in commercials creepy. However, ProhibitedThe game’s protagonist says … Read more

FFXIV Team Caught Cheating While Clearing Challenging New Raid

Image: Square Enix / Kotaku / PngAAA / Leon Bennett (Getty Images) ONE Final Fantasy XIV The raiding team had their world record revoked after they were caught using tools that developer Square Enix considers a form of cheating. Unnamed_ , an FFXIV raid team, became the first in the world to clear The Omega … Read more