Council ‘administrative error’ leaves grieving daughter worried wrong body was cremated

A grieving daughter claimed council officials may have cremated the wrong body instead of her mother. The woman said her mother died suddenly of a heart attack last November and she was holding a funeral for her next month. However, in February she received urgent emails from both the coroner and local authority officials urging … Read more

‘Woke’ companies risk inciting ‘hostile’ audiences, research finds

Corporate culture wars are turning the public ‘hostile’, companies have been warned as a major inquiry into the rise of ‘wokeness’ in the workplace is launched. Britons are “cynical” and “tired” of big business trying to force political views on employees and customers, according to Policy Exchange. New polling from the think-tank reveals that a … Read more

The six faces you make to communicate with your dog

The scientists recruited 42 people who had a child under 18 months and a family dog ​​at home, in the first study of its kind. The babies ranged in age from 3 to 17 months, while the dogs ranged in age from one to 12 years and included poodles, collies, dachshunds and poodles. Interactions between … Read more