The pros and cons of big brands launching Web3 projects

The views expressed by the contributing Entrepreneurs are their own. If you follow blockchain news, you’ve probably seen the alarming number that Web3 startup funding is down 74% in 2022. However, big brands like Starbucks, Mastercard, and Nike, all launching Web3 or Metaverse projects this year, are giving a conflicting look. picture of the current … Read more

Neeva CEO Sridhar Ramaswamy on AI chatbots and the search revolution | E1686

(0:00) Molly starts the show (1:41) Neeva’s purpose (5:06) Neeva’s tech background (8:00) The Neeva Obstacle Building (10:26) Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub – Apply in 5 Minutes for Six Figure Discounts at (11:53) Problem seeking aims to solve (18:31) LinkedIn Marketing – Get $100 LinkedIn Advertising Credit at (20:00) Why choose Neeva … Read more

How to protect ChatGPT content by trademark registration

The views expressed by the contributing Entrepreneurs are their own. AI is rapidly transforming the way we live and work: AI-generated content is increasingly common across industries and ubiquitous in news headlines. The term, in general, refers to content created or generated by artificial intelligence algorithms such as ChatGPT and may be used as assets … Read more

3 eCommerce trends you need to know in 2023

The views expressed by the contributing Entrepreneurs are their own. E-commerce is becoming more and more relevant to the daily lives of consumers and is an increasingly essential element of corporate development strategies. By 2026, Shopify predicts, global online sales will exceed $8 trillion. This is an increase of more than 50% from the 2021 … Read more

How to move an organization from Web2 to Web3 in 2023

The views expressed by the contributing Entrepreneurs are their own. After years of being a hotspot for early adopters and innovators, Web3 is finally getting the attention it deserves. From Big Tech to traditional businesses and even government institutions, the advancement of blockchain technology is undeniable. While this innovation remains complex, blockchain has shown that … Read more

Paper Mario-Like Game Dev Yanks His Own Legal Fight Offline Game

Image: Conradical Games The Outbound Ghost is a charming turn-based adventure RPG that has garnered hype on social media thanks to its cute combination of The Legend of Zelda, Paper Marioand Undertale Engineering. The paper mache game was released on Steam in late 2022, but if you search there now, you won’t find anything due … Read more

Brain-Computer Interfaces and the Future of Neural Engineering with Dr. Benjamin Rapoport | E1682

(0:00) Molly starts the show (1:27) The origin story of Dr. Rapoport (7:08) How the brain communicates with the body (11:22) Squarespace – Use promo code TWIST to save 10% off your first website or domain purchase at (12:52) Innovations in neuroscience (22:37) Contra – a commission-free marketplace for freelancers and independent creators. Get … Read more

5 technologies to help you stay ahead of market changes and automate business processes

The views expressed by the contributing Entrepreneurs are their own. When the economy struggles, it’s common for business owners to focus on cost-cutting measures — cutting spending and slowing hiring. However, simply belt-tightening is not enough to navigate a recession. The companies that come out on top during the economic recovery are the ones that … Read more

Bungie wins over $4 million in lawsuit against Destiny 2 Cheat Dev

Image: Bungie Bungie is two years old legal battle against one Destiny 2 crook after all completed last week. The judge agreed that cheat maker AimJunkies had infringed Bungie’s copyright and ordered it to pay more than $3.6 million to compensation and 700,000 dollars Court fees. AimJunkies is a website owned by Phoenix Digital Group … Read more

Blumhouse, Studio Behind Megan, Now Making Horror Games

Megan (2023) Photo: Blumhouse Announced earlier today, Blumhouse—the Hollywood production company behind hit horror films like Megan and Get out— is launching his own video game studio led by some game developer vets. The new studio, like its parent company, will focus on horror games with a smaller budget. If you watch horror movies, then … Read more