Doselva is building a new supply chain for coffee growers in Central America

Coffee growers in Central America have been hit hard in recent years by both the effects of climate change and price volatility. With reduced income, they turn to other sources, particularly livestock, as well as crops for their own survival. The problem is that these alternatives are neither viable nor environmentally sustainable. As a significant … Read more

Patience as a virtue – Report finds Patient Capital initiative has boosted UK tech development

Catherine Lewis la Torre, CEO of British Patient Capital British patient capital “If you’re a US company, you go through the same number of funding rounds as your UK counterpart, but you’ll raise X times more,” says Catherine Lewis la Torre, CEO of British Patient Capital. This yawning gap between funding available to UK and … Read more

Helping American dreams come true with Compliance By Inkle

For growing tech businesses around the world, the US represents something of a holy grail – offering a huge target market with sophisticated consumers and businesses ready to embrace innovation. But when foreign companies set up shop on American shores, they are often shocked by the workload involved in complying with tax and regulatory filing … Read more