What are you playing this weekend? (February 25)

Jim Norman, Staff Writer Ahhh there are so many young out there doing what I always do and regressing to repeating some familiar favorites for the 1000th time. I went back to my Layton playthrough after this Direct announcement made me all sorts of giddy and hard to put down. I’m currently on The Spectre’s … Read more

What are you playing this weekend? (February 18)

With all that out of the way, it’s time to sit back, relax and see what the Nintendo Life staff is up to this weekend. Be sure to leave a comment with your own game plans! Ollie Reynolds, Staff Writer I’m still exploring Metroid Prime Remastered this weekend. I’m playing the game on Hard difficulty … Read more

What are you playing this weekend? (February 11)

Jim Norman, Staff Writer After a Direct Showcase that will leave me broke for the next few months, I’ve done it very that I will hopefully play this weekend. The amount I will be able to play is a completely different matter. I’m staying with some friends for the next few days, so instead of … Read more

What are you playing this weekend? (February 4)

Jim Norman, Staff Writer Well, it’s been another week and I still haven’t finished Fire Emblem Engage. This game is truly fantastic and I continue to pour many hours into it as the missions get longer and longer. I’d love to get this done before Advance Wars 1+2: Reboot Camp comes out, although that could … Read more