The canceled Titanfall Legends wasn’t Titanfall 3, it would have featured Apex Legends Hero – Report

On today’s episode of Giant Bomb’s Game Mess Mornings Podcast, host Jeff Grubb and co-host Jan Ochoa discussed the apparent cancellation of Respawn’s single-player title Apex Legends, citing a VGC report. But Grubb had even more information about the title, giving players an idea of ​​what the game would look like if it had launched. Known only by its working title, Titanfall Legends, Grubb revealed that while the game “wouldn’t be Titanfall 3,” it would still feature a beloved character from the franchise: Jack Cooper’s loyal titan BT-7274.

According to Grubb, the single-player adventure was planned to feature Apex Games Commissioner Kuben Blisk as a playable character, with various Apex Legends characters appearing and lending their powers to the player. Important details from the Titanfall franchise – like the location of the Ark, for example – would also play a role in the campaign.