The Day Before’s Nemesis calendar app confirms it owns disputed copyright, would like you to know it’s been around for 13 years

It’s been a month since The Day Before was unceremoniously banned by Steam and its developer Fntastic took to Twitter (opens in new tab) to announce that it had been removed “at the request of a private individual” and promised to “definitely resolve everything”. A little while later, with everything definitely not resolved, Fntastic released a statement (opens in new tab) identifying its new arch-nemesis, stating “The so-called ‘owner’ of the rights to the title is the creator of the calendar app, which has nothing to do with the games category.”

Well, two can play the public declaration game, because now the developer of the calendar app TheDayBefore has spoken to Eurogamer. TheDayBefore notes that they “first distributed the app under the name ‘The Day Before’ in 2010,” which is easily confirmed by checking their Google Play page (opens in new tab)—and has owned the South Korean trademark for the title since 2015. After “Knowing that the game with the same name was created,” owners of the calendar app began “taking steps to protect trademark rights,” such as registering for a US trademark (opens in new tab) in 2021.

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