‘The Nevers’ debuts on Tubi with six new episodes not seen before HBO Max’s cancellation – The Streamable

Fans of the HBO Max fantasy drama “The Nevers” were saddened by news in December that the show had been canceled and waited weeks for news of its possible return to a new service.

Well now, the wait is finally over. Starting Monday, February 13, fans can watch all 12 episodes of “The Nevers” Season 1 on the free streaming service Tubi. Only the first six episodes of the season were shown on HBO Max before the series was canceled, meaning this is the first time audiences will be able to see the entire show.

The show will air on Tubi’s WB TV watchlist, one of several free ad-supported TV (FAST) channels the service now has thanks to a recently announced licensing deal with Warner Bros. Discovery. The release schedule for all episodes was first reported by TV Line and will take place within three days. The program is as follows:

Monday, February 13 (All Times ET)

  • 12:39 pm: “The Nevers” Ep 101 “Pilot”
  • 1:48 pm: “The Nevers” Ep 102 “Exposure”
  • 2:53 pm: “The Nevers” Ep 103 “Ignition”
  • 3:52 pm: “The Nevers” Ep 104 “Business”
  • 4:52 pm: “The Nevers” Ep 105 “Hanged”

Tuesday, February 14

  • 1:28 pm: “The Nevers” Ep 106 “True”
  • 2:38 pm: “The Nevers” Ep 107 “It’s a Good Day”
  • 3:46 pm: “The Nevers” Ep 108 “I Don’t Know Enough About You”
  • 4:47 pm: “The Nevers” Ep 109 “Fever”

Wednesday, February 15

  • 2:40 pm: “The Nevers” Ep 110 “Alright, Okay, You Win”
  • 15:45: “The Nevers” Ep 111 “Ain’t We Got Fun”
  • 16:50: “The Nevers” Ep 112 “I’ll See You”

The show is currently not available on demand on Tubi. The next time episodes are scheduled to air on WB TV’s watchlist is March 1-3, so be sure to carve out some time in your schedule this week if you’re a “Never” fan. All episodes of “The Nevers” are rated TV-MA, so make sure the youngsters around you have something else to occupy them while you watch.

Adding shows like “The Nevers” will help Tubi take another impressive leap in customer loyalty. Tubi said it saw a 41% increase in viewership in 2022 in its most recent quarterly earnings report, and has become such an attractive media property that some media outlets approached parent company FOX without being asked to buy the service.

FOX rejected these offers, viewing Tubi as a property that would generate more revenue and increase its valuation in the long term. FOX’s bet on Tubi has certainly paid off so far, and the service will now serve as the home for all episodes of “The Nevers.”

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