The UK’s leading gas infrastructure provider covers a variety of needs

Since 1986, the company has worked on domestic, industrial and commercial installations, covering all pressure grades – and is now extending this expertise beyond natural gas to hydrogen, anticipating the transition to support the UK’s ambitious targets for zero emissions. For any construction project requiring natural gas infrastructure, National Gas Metering offers a complete one-stop-shop service – through its Siteworks team, which includes experts in design, project management and all metering elements of a gas installation.

All new connections, disconnections, upgrades, downgrades, conversions and removals are covered. The team can install outlet piping at a customer’s site and carry out upgrades without, in many cases, interrupting ‘business as usual’, installing new installations alongside existing supplies.

The company’s work includes many different services, from checking the capacity in the network to completing all the civil engineering required for the construction and installation of a cash kiosk. Very few companies offer this complete end-to-end solution for natural gas infrastructure projects, and recent research shows that customers across industries value this comprehensive capability.

New name, same high standards

Formerly part of National Grid, National Gas Metering is now an independent company. Although its name has changed, it is still the same business – with the same capabilities and resources, and the same people who deliver exceptional levels of safety, service and engineering excellence.

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Preparing for a cleaner future

Looking to the future, National Gas Metering aims to remain the leading provider of gas and infrastructure metering services in the UK. However, in the coming decades, the gas in question is likely to be hydrogen.

The company’s goal is to support every business that wants to make the transition to hydrogen. Consumers will continue to need secure and highly accurate metering equipment that is connected to the distribution source. This is the focus of National Gas Metering’s R&D activities and leverages its supply chain partners to work together to develop the products needed to ensure accurate and efficient hydrogen measurement and connection. As natural gas infrastructure changes to hydrogen infrastructure, National Gas Metering will be ready to help the nation’s homes and businesses change with it.

Of course, natural gas will continue to be used until the transition to hydrogen is made. National Gas Metering will provide services for both, using their knowledge and experience to help make the transition between them as smooth and successful as possible.

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