This Lemmings-like platformer drove me to the brink (in a good way) trying to save its hapless astronauts

Moons of Darsala (opens in new tab) it’s that rare kind of gameplay that makes an escort mission fun. Instead of trying to get your man to the end of a level, this 50s sci-fi raygun platformer sees you rescue fellow starships and blast them through a gauntlet of escalating difficulty and complexity.

Darsalon’s free seven-level demo offers a range of initial challenges from the game. It starts with simply getting a handle on the game’s team commands or using a surprisingly versatile flashlight to guide your hapless charges through dark tunnels. but in the end you’ll find yourself fending them off with a laser rifle, keeping the skies clear with a handy jetpack, and even creating terrain for your little ones to jump on.

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