This solo developed ‘cross between Dark Alliance and Dark Souls’ is shaping up to be my next RPG obsession

Mortal Crux (opens in new tab) it’s one of those indie projects that is slowly coming together before our eyes on Twitter and TikTok. We checked in last (opens in new tab) in this action RPG that was developed in isolation last February, when it was only a few months in development, but since then it has accumulated a list of interesting features for its cold fantasy, all proven to an eager audience on social media.

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At a glance, Mortal Crux is an isometric one-to-four player action RPG that seems to combine a Soulsy positioning and time-based battle system with the fantasy atmosphere of classic CRPGs or their console cousins ​​like Baldur’s Gate : Dark Alliance. Solo developer Jesse Walker drip-feeds short video updates on new features and areas as he builds them, and I’m still amazed by Mortal Crux’s intricate fixed-cam interiors and playful RPG approach.

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