This VR mod uses LEDs to increase your field of vision

VR has become more mainstream than I ever imagined when I first got my hands on a prototype Oculus Rift developer kit. I know people who aren’t really into gaming but still have a Quest 2 headset (opens in new tab) for Beat Saber shenanigans (opens in new tab). For those deep into the VR landscape, you have high-tech offerings like Pimax headsets with expanded fields of view. (opens in new tab) But even with Pimax’s big trades (opens in new tab)not everyone is ready to drop that kind of money on a VR headset.

For those looking for that wide field of view on a budget, a DIY enthusiast might just have you covered. ShodaVR (opens in new tab) on Twitter (spotted by Mixed-News (opens in new tab)) has devised an effect that mimics a wider range of vision on the Vive headset. This hack looks easy and can be tried by most people with VR headsets.

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