Tim Bradley says Canelo Alvarez has lost his spirit for the sport

With Sam Volz: Tim Bradley predicts Canelo Alvarez will have a tough time with challenger John Ryder on May 6 when the two fight at an unexpected venue in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Bradley feels Canelo (58-2-2, 39 KOs) is “going through the motions” at this stage in his 18 year professional career and has “lost the spirit” he once had due to the outside businesses he has.

Canelo’s decision to move his next fight to Mexico is a good idea, according to Bradley, because he believes he will get his motivation back by going back to where he started his career.

Bradley believes Ryder (32-5, 18 KOs) will push a fast pace that could give Canelo a lot of trouble if he’s not at his best for this fight. If Canelo loses to Ryder, it would be pointless to face Dmitry Bivol in a rematch in September.

Canelo already has plans to fight the rematch with Bivol at 168, and he clearly overlooks the threat that Ryder presents to him.

With net worth 180 million dollars, it’s understandable why Canelo has suddenly looked unimpressive in his recent fights. When you add that Canelo has a passion for golf, it suggests that he is not devoting himself to boxing as he once did in his prime.

When you have the money that Canelo has, it’s hard to maintain the tunnel vision you need to stay at the top of the sport.

Fighting at home helps Canelo

“Canelo wants the rematch with Dmitry Bivol in September, this time at 168 pounds,” Mike Coppinger told ESPN+ about Canelo Alvarez’s plans after his May 6 fight against John Ryder.

“John Ryder will be a major underdog in this fight. I think he won that fight. Earn this opportunity. He beat Danny Jacobs in a close fight last year and he fought Zac Parker well and won that fight after Parker broke his arm and I thought John Ryder beat Callum Smith in 2019 when he dropped that controversial decision.

“You have Canelo Alvarez taking a page out of Tyson Fury’s book. He’s coming home,” Tim Bradley said. “It’s pretty smart, but a little different. Fury cannot fight in this state. Let’s get this straight. He can’t fight in the states. He cannot compete in the United States for various reasons.

“Canelo Alvarez, I think he needs this, I really do,” Bradley continued. “I went back and looked at his fight with GGG, the last fight he fought, and some would say he was hurt in the fight. Well, that was no excuse. His performance was not the best performance.

Has Canelo lost his boxing spirit?

He seems to have lost his spirit for the game. So going back home to where it all started is one way to raise a fighter. I really think Canelo is towards the end of his career. I really do. I think it’s nearing the end. He’s on the decline now because of the way he fights, the way he fights.

“It doesn’t seem like a sense of urgency in the ring. Looks like he’s going through the motions. He’s not having fun. It almost seems like outside stuff. The outside things are more important, like golf and the family and businesses he has built. This is what happens to a fighter.

“Well, going home, Canelo. I’m glad you’re going home because you’re going to need it because this guy, Ryder. He comes to fight, and he is not someone to be played with, and yes. He’ll be an underdog, but he’s a live dog. This is not an easy journey for Canelo Alvarez. This guy can really fight and he fights hard every round,” Bradley said.

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