Tony Audenshaw on Bob and Bernice’s romantic possibilities

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale Star Tony Audenshaw has spoken about the possibility of a romantic twist for his character Bob Hope and Bernice Blackstock.

The show launched a new comedy double act in recent days as Bob and Bernice teamed up to take over the ownership of the local B&B.

Wednesday’s (February 22) episode saw Bob and Bernice’s newfound closeness begin to raise suspicions as Bob’s partner Wendy Posner overheard a conversation between them and completely misinterpreted its meaning.

During Thursday’s (February 23) visit to the Dales, Wendy remains convinced that Bob and Bernice have slept together.

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Bob ignores Wendy’s distress until he knocks on her door and she angrily accuses him of having an affair with Bernice.

Wendy gets her revenge by throwing ice water over Bob from an upstairs window in a very public showdown.

Speaking about the possibility of Bob and Bernice getting together, Tony explained: ‘You never know, do you? You never know what will happen with these relationships if there is a spark.

“There’s definitely some kind of chemistry between them, but Bob said those days are long behind him. He’s very happy with Wendy.”



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Regarding the potential issues facing Bob and Wendy, Tony added: “I guess in any relationship, when someone spends a lot of time with someone else, they can suspect something is going on.

“But Wendy has no reason to think that, that I can think of!”

The fallout from Wendy’s accusations will see Bob and Bernice both trying to convince her that she’s wrong, but will she be ready to listen?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30pm. on ITV1 and broadcast on ITVX.

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