Vietnamese action thriller “Furies” is coming to Netflix worldwide in March 2023

Furies action thriller Vietnam coming to netflix worldwide March 2023

Image: Furies – Netflix

An exciting action-packed Vietnamese thriller, Obsessionscoming to Netflix worldwide and exclusively in March 2023. Below we have everything you need to know about Furies, including the plot, cast, trailer and Netflix release date.

Obsessions is an upcoming Vietnamese action thriller film directed and written by Old Guard actress Veronica Ngo.

The prequel to the 2019 Vietnamese hit Furie, Ngo’s prequel set in the world of 1990s Vietnam will feature “spectacular choreography and stunt cinema that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.” Obsessions could be some of the best Asian movies we’ll see on Netflix in 2023.

When is the Netflix release date?

We can confirm that Obsessions will be released on Netflix worldwide and exclusively on Tuesday, March 23, 2023.

The film will make its US premiere earlier at the South by Southwest Film Festival on March 12, 2023.

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What is his plot? Obsessions?

The summary for Obsessions comes from Netflix:

The Furies serve up a thrilling tale of justice and revenge set against the vibrant backdrop of 1990s Saigon.

The film tells the story of Bi, Than and Hong, three wild and furious vigilantes who work together to take down a sinister criminal syndicate led by the nefarious crime lord Hai. As the trio of assassins infiltrate the underground crime syndicate to deliver furious justice, viewers will be left wondering if they have been manipulated into becoming instruments of vengeance.

Who are the cast members? Obsessions?

Veronica Ngo will return to reprise her role as Hai Phuong. Netflix subscribers who have watched the superhero action film The Old Guard will recognize Ngo as Quynh. He has also starred in other Netflix movies such as Brilliant, Da 5 Bloods, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny.

Veronica ngo Vietnamese action thriller coming to netflix worldwide in March 2023

Image. Veronica Ngo as Hai Phuong (left) in Furie (2019) – Premiere image

Dong Anh Quynh had the following to say about her role as Bi.

“I’ve never had to do so much physical training for a role in my life. Mentally, I challenged myself to empathize with the anti-hero and mentally burdened character that is Bee, to better bring her to life on screen.”

Toc Tien had the following to say about her relationship with Thanh’s character.

“Thanh is the eldest, she always takes care of her ‘sisters’, although they are not blood brothers. Thanh protects them in silence, not with words but with actions. It’s easy for me to empathize with Thanh because a lot of the character’s personality is quite similar to my own.”

Toc tien furies Vietnamese action thriller coming to netflix worldwide March 2023

Image: Toc Tien stars as Thanh (right), a protective older sister in “Furies.” – Netflix

Rima Thanh Vy plays the role of the “sweet and optimistic” Hong and also had the following to say about her experience with the character.

“Hong brought me to a difficult time in my life. Hong gave me plenty of love and strength to move forward and live a fuller life.”

Rima Thanh Vy furies Vietnamese action thriller coming to netflix worldwide March 2023

Image: The vivacious and sweet Hong (Rima Thanh Vy) provides a striking contrast to the harsh atmosphere of the film. – Netflix

What is the duration of the movie?

We can confirm that Obsessions has a duration of 109 minutes.

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