We’ve been saved: this “Morrowind Removed” mod takes Morrowind out of Morrowind

The only thing Morrowind had too much of was Morrowind and now, thanks to CaffeineSnake at NexusMods (opens in new tab), this problem is solved. First spotted (opens in new tab) by Elder Scrolls YouTuber Micky D (opens in new tab), Morrowind Removed gets rid of Vvardenfell Island entirely, leaving only open ocean (and Solstheim Island, if you have Bloodmoon installed). To quote the author of the mod, “Vvardenfell was removed because you all can’t behave.”

But it wasn’t enough to just pack it into this meme mod and call it a day, I had to experience a Morrowind without Morrowind. I had to feel it in my bones. I just dropped the .esp into my Data Files folder like with any other mod and released the retail version from GOG so I could use the character I made at the start of the pandemic.

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