Why use fans when you can cool your CPU with 8 pounds of copper?

When it comes to PC gaming, one of the biggest tests is keeping things cool. You can have all the power in the world packed into your case, but it’s useless without cooling. More power often means more heat thanks to that big physics jolt, and many builds bottleneck due to temperatures rather than capabilities. This is why we see overclockers doing crazy things like dropping their CPUs in liquid nitrogen or using about 8 lbs (almost 4 kg) of solid copper.

Copper is an amazingly conductive material, great for cooling, but it’s also hideously expensive. This is why I was in no way prepared to see a honking tower of solid copper sitting comfortably on top of an enthusiast’s CPU. The awe-inspiring but wallet-crushing image was posted to Reddit by This Desktop User (opens in new tab) and also shared by Fanless Tech on Twitter (opens in new tab).

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