You wish your relationship was as intimate as me and my low-profile keyboard

Katie Wickens, Opinionated Person

Katie Wickens in yellow cartoon.

(Image: Future)

This week I’ve been playing mostly Sons of the Forest. Even though me and Kelvin have something special—he keeps crawling back even when I ACCIDENTALLY throw full-sized logs in his face—I don’t think the new best video game boy does either. (opens in new tab) can live up to my love of low profile keyboards.
This month I’m mostly testing keyboards.
My low profile board was taken from me last week. In its place, Razer’s newest Blackwidow offering. With linear yellows (gross, why, Dave?) and a macro bar on the left side, I basically had to train myself to use it.

Before I fully entered the PC hardware scene, I was rather partial to the keyboard – now hear me out. They were sturdy and felt faster to type on than any standalone keyboard I’ve owned before. Of course, I now understand that old Katie was objectively wrong and that mechanical keyboards are superior in every way to membrane boards. And yet, as I poked away at my Razer clicky greens (I know, I have my flaws), a part of me still pines for the brief activation of a board.

That is, until I finally got my hands on a low-profile mechanical gaming keyboard. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a beautiful love affair.

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